The Canadian psychology professor Jordan Peterson is currently in Belgrade and undergoing treatments in an unnamed clinic in the Serbia’s capital, the weekly news magazine Nedeljnik can reveal.

His daughter Mikhaila is with him and spoke to Nedeljnik about his ongoing fight with the addiction to anti-anxiety medication.

„We will be here for at least a couple of months“, Mikhaila told Nedeljnik in a wide-ranging interview in Belgrade that will be published in the next issue of Nedeljnik.

They flew in to Belgrade from Florida last week.

She said Mr Peterson was feeling better and that the family is satisfied with the first round of therapy.

Mikhaila Peterson in Belgrade. Photo by Igor Pavićević/Nedeljnik

Peterson’s family sought treatment for his “physical dependency” to benzodiazepine in Russia in February, after failed attempts in North America.

Peterson will make a video explaining the details of his ordeal in the next week, Mikhaila Peterson told Nedeljnik.

Peterson rose to fame in conservative circles in 2016 for opposing what calls “radical political correctness authoritarianism,” and his polarizing stances have drawn widespread controversy.


  1. Lesandar
    13. јун 2020. 15:24

    Još kad na kraju bude prešao u pravoslavlje! Živi bili pa videli!

  2. Nick
    13. јун 2020. 16:12

    He won't recover, he doesn't possess the self-control to do that. He's a junkie through and through. Nece se oporaviti, ne poseduje samo kontrolu za tako nesto. On je skroz naskroz samo jedan obican narkoman.

    1. Nenad
      15. јун 2020. 10:52

      And you know that how? The great man he is, with family support, and help from the professionals, will get better.

  3. Ivan
    13. јун 2020. 16:22

    Ozbiljan mislilac. Velika stvar za nas grad. Brzo ozdravljenje zelim prof. Petersonu.

  4. Nikola
    13. јун 2020. 17:51

    Klonite se ovog laznog mesije. Taj ni sebi ne moze pomoci, a kamoli nekom drugom.

    1. Ненад
      15. јун 2020. 10:49

      Шта то пишеш, бре?! Да ли си бар нешто прочитао или слушао, па схватио, од овог феноменалног човека?

  5. Sreten
    13. јун 2020. 18:57

    Tešo zovi Pitersona

  6. Marko
    13. јун 2020. 21:09

    Nadam se da ce profesoru naci odgovarajucu terapiju u Beogradu!

  7. Miloš
    13. јун 2020. 21:24

    Petersone Srbine!!

  8. Seja
    22. јун 2020. 18:56

    Good Luck!

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