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The End of the Kosovo Myth

I am not of the opinion that our nation is damaged to that extent. Although I do not think we are particulary good, nor a bad nation. But an unpredictable nation by all means we are. Mostly because of the Kosovo myth we cannot abnegate, even if we do renounce Kosovo
By Veljko Lalic
Datum: 17/08/2017

The End of the Kosovo Myth

I do not know what plan Mr. Vu~i} has for Kosovo, but it seems it is working.

After having some sort of the "Kosovo omerta" for the past years, this august suddenly everyone is talking about Kosovo.

The thing kind of evolved in a strange way. The nationalists mainly argue the thing is already done and dusted, whereas the liberals almost cheerfully look forward to the fact that everything must be, in the end, signed by Mr. Vucic himself.

As always, everybody has little to no concern about the people who live in Kosovo. Just as it was the case with the ones in Krajina, or Republika Srpska, who had been forced to endure the embargo which was cold-bloodedly introduced by Milo{evi}.

Here, the ruler of the public opinion is the one who rules the airwaves, especially the prime time news program.

Remember the Dayton Agreement? They were shouting "Treason" in prime time news program, and they called it "National victory" in the late night one.

With Serbs, you often don't need more than three and a half hours to change their opinion.

It's not like Serbs are special in this way. The host of great nations also act like kids when it comes to war. The main difference is that when your state is older than 200 years there are institutions, strongly structured intelligence and business community... The emerging nations are the entirely different way. We are like that old guy who started messing around with the kids, and always winds up making a fool of himself.

A friend of mine says that in the potential referendum, where every single voter for Kosovo would have to pay 100 euros, there there wouldn't be more than 20 percent of turnout.

I am not of the opinion that our nation is damaged to that extent. Although I do not think we are particulary good, nor a bad nation. But an unpredictable nation by all means we are.

Mostly because of the Kosovo myth we cannot abnegate, even if we do renounce Kosovo.

That would be politics for me. We have the Vidovdan temple Ivan Me{trovi} left us as his life legacy, and instead of it, we build the singing fountains and pylons, as seen in the dictatures of the East.

The main purpose here is something else. It's either amending the Constitution in regards to Kosovo (which seems like a smart thing to do), or to completely destroy the possibility of consolidation of opposition and forming some kind of platform which would exceed individual parties. (This option also seems like a smart thing to do government-wise. But stupid and dangerous society-wise.)

The problem with Vucic is that everything he does, he does by the book. Asaf has no better client. Look at the Kosovo issue. The opposistion does everything Vucic doesn't. He allegedly needs Kari} and Vulin and Draskovic, but they can't go with Radulovic?! They share the mandates they do not even own. Vucic plays "Monopoly" with the imaginary cash, and they play "Risk", jumping to foolishly onslaughting the Europe.

The old opposition needed a whole year to understand how to go to the election without the news programmes on your side. You go united, you choose a nonpartisan candidate, you pick someone that is both acceptable and electable. End of story.

Vesna Pesic rallied around "From Topola" (the Chetnik song) with Vuk Draskovic for a decade, she sat in a parliamentary group under the picture of Draza Mihailovic, but today, for the owner of the "Demode" coffee-shop, even Vuk Jeremic is demode, outdated.

You don't have to be a genius to predict how the elections in Belgrade are going to turn out. Government will get 40 percent, Aleksandar Sapic will have around 20 because he fixes every broken light or sink when any citizen reports the malfunction, and the opposition will get somewere about 30 percent. If their 30 percents comes from a single candidate, they might make a coallition against Vucic with Mr. Sapic. But, if they all get around 9 percent individually, Sapic goes with Vucic.

Why exactly does our opposition have a problem with math? That's something they should think about thoroughly. Perhaps my friend is right when he wants to remain anonimous: he says that everything here is about the money, getting a job and privileges.

And perhaps it came back to us like a boomerang in the problem with the son of Cedomir Antic at the Belgrade Airport. I won't interfere in procedures, nor what exactly happened out there. The thing I am interested in is how the national company reacted. What did the govermnent do? The internet bots, the media, the common people?

How is it possible they don't understand that all they need to do is to apologize? Even if they were right!

We are talking about a university professor here. Is he lying? Or his wife? Who is a PhD, by the way, and who could only sit and put her face in her hands that day. And wept.

Where do we live? How is it possible that the media outlets are simply ignoring case like this? What does it have to do with politics? Contracts? Advertisments?

How do we feel about ourselves? Number of flights in the USA on daily basis is bigger than the number of flights in Serbia in three years' time. And yet, they had never ever removed an autistic kid from the check-in. Not once, for twenty years.

Are we even a part of that civilization? How come that Etihad Airways is more concerned about this than Air Serbia?

How come nobody is sick of it and ready to make another, more fair report? How come no one goes crazy at the airport? Or in the media outlets Mr Anti} often writes for, at least. Or the Government, for that matter.

What kind of "heavenly people" we are? Sufferers? The ones from concentration camps?

What kind of people of the Battle of Kosovo myth we are, if not a single man won't stand up for the sake of child?

That is precisely the Kosovo myth we've managed to lose in ourselves a long time ago. And that is why everything else is just fooling around. Sorry for cursing.

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